Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sometimes..i really hope to be appreciated
Of what i have done
Of what i have sacrifice
Of what i have been through
Of what i have been suffering

Its sometimes sad and hurtful when u have put effort and sacrifices on a particular things
and people judge you back as if im the biggest criminal

A simple THANK YOU will do

And not bombs me back with all sorts of questions...

It just hurt my feeling
For no reason

But i will stand back and be myself again
Because i know...

At least there is still someone that i can call as friend,family and perhaps..lover

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Busy mode kembali again time to update blog even to celebrate CNY ok..this year CNY is like nothing...NOTHING
Only eat better food and also get ang pao...i basically dont even have the time to go to visit my friends or relatives
Kind of losers ya...nvm..for future sake...sacrifices need to be made...
I think is not too late for me to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year
The year of Tiger is so hot and many things need to be done..
Oh God...po pi po pi and my friends ok