Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Dreamed A Dream

Guess what..i just bought myself Susan Boyle's album
"I Dreamed A Dream"
Still remember when she first walk on to the stage in
Britain Got Talent...It was like..haha..a joke
Mana tau..when she sing...omgg
Her voice is like an angel..
An Angel send from the heaven to us
Im loving all of her songs
It was nice and worth it
My favourite will be :

1.Wild Horses
2.I Dreamed A Dream
3.DayDream Believer
5.Who I Was Born To Be

Rating : 4/5

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its With Me Now

Selepas seminggu i tunggu cam ntah apa apa
Its with me now
And i get from a super old shop
Never go there before..Just masuk nak tgk cd lain2
Tiba2..pop........The salesperson pointed to me when i asked him
Walaupun seminggu lebih lambat...x apa la..
Janji dapat
And i got the poster too..but is the Lentera Timur poster..nevermind..hembat gak..

Enjoying my CTKD now ^^

Motif guna Domokun as me...
I look like domokun when i menguap..ahakzz

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2009 Summary

3 days pass 2010
And I just got the idea to summarize up my 2009 life
Ahakzz..hope is not to late though..
People always say..dont look back..and go straight forward in our life
But for me..i have to learn from my mistake as well
So that i dont commit the same stupid mistake again
Im gonna summarize it with Siti' songs this time

Kind of like 'Ku Mahu'
Lebih kepada hidup yg rancak dan ingin menari x henti2

'Rupanya Kita Serupa' month
Having to know some people that have share same interest with me

'Impiankan Nyata'
My birthday wish and everything came damn happy

'Tanpa Kalian'
Its Siti's 14 years in the industry...Salute to her...
April is Bulan Siti

'Lelaki(Warkah Seorang Anak)'
Damn stressed with workloads and pelbagai dugaan yang mencabar diriku sebagai seorang lelaki

'Biarlah Rahsia'
Too many things that happened and at the same time...Im not in a good condition
Only God knows why
But..Im so thrilled because I go for Siti's Konsert Satu in Istana Budaya
I tell was a superb one

'Cuba Untuk Mengerti'
As the consequences from June...
Im trying to understand and try to be understood
Its not easy to learn what is life

'Destinasi Cinta'
Yeay yeay...Bulan Kemerdekaan and i have my genting trip with my friends too
Im always thankful to God to give me friends that support and trust me
Thank you

'Hidup Penuh Bicara'
Ahakzz...u our life...
People will always ask..doubt and even gossips bout u when u do anything
DONT ever do any mistakes or else this is the thing they will remember
But when u did something rite..they kind of forget it
Ouh..that is life

Yehaa..I think i got it
Everything in our life..there must be a SURE
Well..perhaps i will say..Not everyone can achieved it
But is not impossible though

'Seindah Biasa'
Ouh..another concert of Siti..
Konsert Seribu Warna in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam
As usual..she never dissapoint her fans
And I life after all is Seindah Biasa too

'Ku Percaya Ada Cinta'
I conclude my 2009 with this songs look back the lyrics
I believe..everything we do
We must have LOVE
without it..
Things that we do will turned out pale
is not lively..boring and dull
LOVE will coloured it all for us

So..i think..that is kind of my songs for the month in 2009
Im smelling the fresh air for 2010
And believe me...
It will be a better one
A sincere prayer from my heart to everyone


Friday, January 1, 2010

Konsert Bagaikan Sakti Dato Siti Nurhaliza & M Nasir

Rating : 5 / 5
Duration : Approximately 3 hours
Venue : Esplanade , Singapore
Date : 1 / 1 / 2010
Artists : Dato Siti Nurhaliza & M Nasir

Personally i think Siti does it amazed with her powerful vocal
This time she did performed one of my favorite song
"Ada Masa Mata"
Is written by Sifu M.Nasir
She is so cute when doing sort of like the thailand dance with her backup dancer
Im so so so so amazed...
She never let her fans dissapointed nor sad
I know she did her best
She start of sweet and end with M Nasir with their new song
" Hanya Semalam "

Gosh...this song keeps on playing on my mind even though it is the first time the song is being
introduced...the melody is catchy and the lyrics is written by Siti

M Nasir on the other hand open up my eyes
I never knew that he can be that funny
He jokes and laugh like nobody business
Well..He is damn talented i can said
With his own style and looks
Im pretty he is one of the greatest artist in the industry
I love it when he start to get naughty and say dirty joke
" Tongkat "

To Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Sifu M Nasir
Thank you for leaving my new year with thousands of sweetness
May God bless you two
Ok let me do it in malay
Semoga anda dimurahkan rezeki dan dikurniakan kesihatan sepanjang tahun
To Siti
Semoga Siti dan Datuk K dapat baby this year...^^

Now im in Bagaikan Sakti mode