Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sometimes..in our life
We never realize..words can have the impact like bullets
Even it is put in an either way
Joke or Serious
It can be hurtful
People always tell people not to be sad when there is problem
When it happens to ourselves,
We are the one who cant take it easy though

Ok...i donno what im typing now...

Current mood-India Arie(Theraphy)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Intern oh intern
Pass 4 weeks already...10 more weeks to go
So fast..and also workload is like mountain
Lots of things happen..working place..new place..well
i better keep it for myself...
This world is too wonderful for me to share out my sorrow...
Start looking for a new place after i completed my intern..
Well..Gamma 3 result out..
It caused me a heart attack and i scream like crazy in my office..
My supervisor taught i kena sawan..
I just cant control it
Too happy...