Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009 , Welcome 2010 this will be last post for me in 2009
So many things happened in a year
Leave me with sweet,painful,wonderful and sad memories
Well..I hope that 2010 will be a better year for me and everyone
Well...personally i have made up a few resolution for me

1.I dont want to be sore loser anymore
2.Have my own style and stands
3.Earn some money
4.Dont mix up with those with kind of tearing u down..full of negative energy
5.I need to be a better person
6.Be matured more and more
7.Eat more nice food
8.Keep fit...err...hard to say

I really have lots of things going in my mind rite now...
Meeting up with my ex-schoolmates bringing me a lots of sweets memories
New Year im still thinking where to spent on
Wishing every readers...
HAPPY 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009

CTKD Again

Where can i get CTKD nih
F#*K betul...dah cari merata2 x ada...
Its really2 slow in my hometown to get update...

Julie & Julia

It has been a while i have watched a good movie after Avatar
And so it happened when i first reached in Teluk Intan for my holiday..
Me and my brother go out and search for some games and i was hoping to get a nice movie to watch for my holiday..
And then..kaboom...i saw Meryl Streep is on the cover of the pirated Blue Ray disc..and I think no more..i just grab it..Julie & Julia is the title of it...Im a big fan of Meryl Streep
She is a natural born talented actress...after the movie The Devil's Wear Prada..I was totally in love with her..
So back to the story of Julie & Julia..It is based on the 2 true stories...It really inspired me...

Ok here is the plot :

In the year 2002, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) is a young writer trapped in a rather unpleasant job at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's call center, where she answers telephone calls from victims of the September 11 attacks, as well as members of the general public calling to complain about the LMDC's controversial plans for rebuilding the World Trade Center. To enliven her dreary life, she attempts to cook every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which was published in 1961, and writes a blog to document her progress.

Woven into her story is the story of Julia Child's time in Paris, in the 1950s, in which she discovers the art of French cooking. The plot structure carefully highlights similarities in the challenges encountered by both Julie and Julia. Both women get much support from their husbands, although at one point Powell's husband is fed up with her excessive devotion to her hobby and leaves her briefly for a few days.

Eventually, Julie's blog is highlighted in a story published in the New York Times, after which her project finally begins to receive the attention of journalists, literary agents, and publishers, as well as a dismissive response from Child herself. After Julia's book is initially rejected by Houghton Mifflin, it is eventually accepted and published by Alfred A. Knopf. The last scene shows Julia Child receiving a first print of her cookbook and celebrating the event with her husband.

quoted from

This is one superb movie that inspired me and touched me...Strongly recommend to all my friends...BTW...Stanley Tucci is my favourite actor too.. :P

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update many things are in my mind rite now

1.I change my last..after puting busuk picture for about a year(papa miss u)
2.CTKD...that is the thing im looking for rite now..tomorrow will get it..yehaa
3.Never watch The Biggest Loser with my mum..or she start nagging... @@
4.Tomorrow is steamboat day with my ex schoolmate..wonder how they are now
5.Few more days to new year..i have lots of things to be done next year
6.Well...i have see through many through colours of people in 2009..may u all rot
7.Taking me for granted is something stupid for those who did it
8.I need to work up with my design skills...its still sucky
9.Need shopping i guess
10.Try not to drink beer anymore

Friday, December 25, 2009

CTKD-Canda Tangis Ketawa Duka

Canda , Tangis , Ketawa , Duka

This will be the duet album from Siti with her bff...Kris Dayanti
I have make an order with the CD shop...
Is on 28th December..
Mark this big day for Sititology people


After accompany mummy to shop for 2 days
She break my leg....Ouh mummy...
Y ur leg is so strong
Sg Wang..Pavilion..Lot 10...Times Square..1 Utama..Sunway
All in 2 days
Bought myself new jacket..tshirts..pants..
Books..CDs...and the list go on
All are my X mas present..yuhu..Thx mummy and Daddy

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tomoro is my final exam liao
One paper for this semester only
But..with my majoring was still giving me a trauma and also backache...
Mummy is coming down to KL tomoro and i shall meet her up on Tuesday after i submitted my EM assignment...
Im missing someone deep inside my heart..i really do miss the person..
But no point...
The person will never feel it..even if the person feel so...
It makes no difference...
It is still fresh kept in my heart and brain
Arghh..enough of those emo stuff
Many things are goin in my head
But is ok..because i have friends and family that who care for me
Thank you guys..
God Bless all of us
Good Luck FCMers ^^

Oh ya..i can smell xmas and also CNY liao

Monday, December 14, 2009


Have been witnessing the sunrise this 3 days back while doing MI
My head is like exploding in small tiny pieces
Printing for assignment is really2 costly
To make sure your sketch book look nice
Some sacrifices need to be made( i mean my pocket )
Which leave me now whole week with Maggi mee and High 5 bread
Jz wake up though..after having insomia for 3 days
Need nice food with nice holidays...
Arghh..i can smell the christmas now :P