Monday, November 16, 2009

~Konsert Seribu Warna Dato Siti Nurhaliza~

Venue : Stadium Tertutup Melawati Shah Alam
Time : 8.30 PM
Abg Wan..Me..Liesa..Kak Yana

Leave me with another wonderful and speechless nite..
Siti will never dissapoint me when she is on stage
Her 'aura' is always Walter Benjamin said..

She is planning to do another grand concert next year to celebrate the 15th years of becoming an artist
Ok..this time is a serious saving my money now onwards..because..when the tiket is on sale..I will buy the most expensive one..dun care already..For konsert Satu and Seribu warna...i have sit a bit behind from her...

Siti...Love u always..u know rite...
My support to u will never die..

Here are some the pictures that i have taken during the concert...thx for kak yana lens..

~Memory Of Konsert Seribu Warna~


budak bengang said...

i used to like her song,
what happen huh..
bengang bengang

Simon@Uncle Cakap Cakap said...

she remain the same wurt..mana ada ubah2
status jer yg ubah :P