Friday, January 1, 2010

Konsert Bagaikan Sakti Dato Siti Nurhaliza & M Nasir

Rating : 5 / 5
Duration : Approximately 3 hours
Venue : Esplanade , Singapore
Date : 1 / 1 / 2010
Artists : Dato Siti Nurhaliza & M Nasir

Personally i think Siti does it amazed with her powerful vocal
This time she did performed one of my favorite song
"Ada Masa Mata"
Is written by Sifu M.Nasir
She is so cute when doing sort of like the thailand dance with her backup dancer
Im so so so so amazed...
She never let her fans dissapointed nor sad
I know she did her best
She start of sweet and end with M Nasir with their new song
" Hanya Semalam "

Gosh...this song keeps on playing on my mind even though it is the first time the song is being
introduced...the melody is catchy and the lyrics is written by Siti

M Nasir on the other hand open up my eyes
I never knew that he can be that funny
He jokes and laugh like nobody business
Well..He is damn talented i can said
With his own style and looks
Im pretty he is one of the greatest artist in the industry
I love it when he start to get naughty and say dirty joke
" Tongkat "

To Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Sifu M Nasir
Thank you for leaving my new year with thousands of sweetness
May God bless you two
Ok let me do it in malay
Semoga anda dimurahkan rezeki dan dikurniakan kesihatan sepanjang tahun
To Siti
Semoga Siti dan Datuk K dapat baby this year...^^

Now im in Bagaikan Sakti mode


lelaki said...

mmg best konsert ni, vocal mmg superb masa nyanyi lagu bukan cinta biasa, biarlah rahsia, ada masa mata n semua lagu duet ngn m nasir. tahun 2009 mmg tahun ct.. tahniah.

Simon@Uncle Cakap Cakap said...

Yap..i agree with u
My support to Dato Siti will never end