Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Im those kind who rather keep it in my heart rather than say it out if i think there is no need for me to say it out..i will if i think i needed too

Well...thats always being forced to do something that i don't like
If u or u are so happen to have read this post...
Please feel for yourself...
I dont like how..what...why and everything for this thing to happen
Sometimes..i wish to be alone
Rather to be so hypocrite acting like a stupid clown..
Just to make sure u are happy..
And i get nothing
Aint nothing

But no point...because...u will just not leave me alone
and u have to stick with me for no reason

I need some fresh air..

I think as for this Trimester break..
I will close my handphone for 1 week...
( If I Can )

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