Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Dream Came True

It is on a normal nite where i want to release the tension that have been accumulated for a week and i choose Pavilion for the stress releasing activity.
Setting my status on BB "Pavi now"
In a minute i got 2 messages from my friends...
One asking me where i am and another one telling me he is in Pavi too in Red Box
Knowing im a super die hard fan of Siti...
And my friend of mine...was happened to singing with Siti in Red Box too
My movie "Rapunzel" supposingly start at 11.15 but being a super die hard fan
I wont just let go this golden opportunity again
Meeting Siti meants a lot to me
She is my idol since im in my primary school
Meeting her give me the energy that no one could give to me
Meeting her motivates me
Meeting her tells me how beautiful the world is
Thanks to Abg Farihad a million times for this golden opportunity of the life time
I know this type of opportunity doesnt really come always
That is why i must appreciate it
Have a little conversation with Siti for about like 20 seconds
But i tell u more than enough
She is more than a star
She is more than a diva
To me

(din wash my right hand as i shake her hand for 3 times)
I love u Siti

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