Monday, December 19, 2011

And im back to blogger again after the last post which have been ages.
Writing a blog requires a deep focus which im currently put on twitter and Facebook more i guess.
Anyway...i knew that there might be no reader anyway in my blog.
But well, cut all the emo craps.

A lot of thing happened this few months back. Let me put it in a numbered way :

1. I have officially graduated from my Degree
2. Will be continuing my Master study in March 2012 ( finger crossed )
3. Im working 2 job at a time...i'm a lecturer + designer
4. Grandpa has passed away this year and im very sad about it
5. Too many drama queens and drama kings appeared around me
6. Daddy's business is going slow and i hope it will become better and better each day
7. CNY 2012 is approaching and lucky for those who are born in year of rabbit :)
8. First time in my life earning RM7000 ... for a fresh graduates like me..i couldnt ask for more...thank you God for the opportunity ( project based )
9. Writing proposal for Master is really giving me headaches but at is accepted by my Supervisor to be :)
10. Im happy with 2011

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