Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mari Tengok2....


Yearly Prediction for the Rabbit/Cat

Jan. 26, 2009 - Feb. 13, 2010

It's best for Rabbits to keep a low profile during the Year of the Earth Ox. You won't see dramatic progress in 2009, rather, you'll experience a slow but steady series of breakthroughs. Many of the people you work and play with will be brash and outspoken. Cultivating diplomacy will be critical to your professional and personal success. If you play your cards right, you could even land a wonderful creative assignment. Although you won't get much critical acclaim for this job, you will gain invaluable experience. A high-strung creature like you needs to devise strategies to keep stress at bay. When you worry that you're out of your depth, lean on friends and family for support. Your loved ones will bolster your courage and enable you to vault over intimidating hurdles.

It may be wise to add lots of fiber to your diet this year, or digestive problems could ensue. As far as exercise is concerned, try activities that increase flexibility: yoga, tai chi and gymnastics are all favored. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for all of your appointments, or you will miss a few golden opportunities. Keep your cell phone charged and check messages frequently, as being in constant contact with the outside world will put you over the top this year.

So basically my horoscope in the year of ox is not that bad....will work extra hard and go with the flow...hehehe...and i shall not entertain those people that i dont like negative energy plz....simon yang cakap...



Sankai said...

eh.. where did you get this horoscope? i wanna see mine.. hehe

Simon@Uncle Cakap Cakap said...

hihihi...which year u r born in???