Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tomoro is my final exam liao
One paper for this semester only
But..with my majoring was still giving me a trauma and also backache...
Mummy is coming down to KL tomoro and i shall meet her up on Tuesday after i submitted my EM assignment...
Im missing someone deep inside my heart..i really do miss the person..
But no point...
The person will never feel it..even if the person feel so...
It makes no difference...
It is still fresh kept in my heart and brain
Arghh..enough of those emo stuff
Many things are goin in my head
But is ok..because i have friends and family that who care for me
Thank you guys..
God Bless all of us
Good Luck FCMers ^^

Oh ya..i can smell xmas and also CNY liao

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