Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update many things are in my mind rite now

1.I change my last..after puting busuk picture for about a year(papa miss u)
2.CTKD...that is the thing im looking for rite now..tomorrow will get it..yehaa
3.Never watch The Biggest Loser with my mum..or she start nagging... @@
4.Tomorrow is steamboat day with my ex schoolmate..wonder how they are now
5.Few more days to new year..i have lots of things to be done next year
6.Well...i have see through many through colours of people in 2009..may u all rot
7.Taking me for granted is something stupid for those who did it
8.I need to work up with my design skills...its still sucky
9.Need shopping i guess
10.Try not to drink beer anymore

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