Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day Of Remembrance To My Grandma

Pejam celik pejam of October 2008...marked two years that my grandma has left us.....nothing much more i could say...only God knows how does it feel...we go to Temoh and pray where my grandma ashes was put there for her to rest in peace...a very wonderful and peaceful place i would say...i din take any photos of to respect the prayers...I still remember she passed away just one day before i start my first STPM paper in 2006...i dont know where do i get the energy and support to carry on that...tears and frustation were there...i could jz hide it...i cant even be there when she was on her final funeral day as i was having another exam on the same day too...only God knows how it feel...but i guess my grandma blessed me from the heaven and i could still go on with my exam...thank you grandma...i miss you and love you always..

~May you rest in peace ah ma...miss u and love u always...AMITABHA~

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mizzsyaidris said...

simon! i miss u la!!hahaha

meh r komen blog i pulop!haha