Tuesday, October 14, 2008

La la la la la~~~ ^_^

Current Mode = Chocolate Mode
Mood = So heaven
Status = Exam-Free ^_^
Food to be eaten = Mee Rebus,Rojak Buah,Big's Apple Donut,Choki2,Mars,Biskut Teddy Bear..arghhh i wan all of that
Plan = Pangkor and Genting Highland trips...yahooo-nak masuk casino nih...
Current Song = Britney Spears-Womanizer...so gay again
Drama = Heart of Greed
Cartoon = Atashinci The Movie and My Life As McDull
Current leg mode = Nanah dah meletopsss..
Health = 4 / 5-tgh recharging
Power = 4 / 5

That is my current updatezz...cant wait to go back to play with my puppy-Si Happy...hahaha...i can play with her for the whole day...and for this holiday..i will revenge all back my sleepless nite and my hungry stomache..i will make sure to fill it with nice food..arghh...by the way...next sem Dafi will be here with us again...yahoo...bertambah le meriah kat umah nih nanti kan kan kan...By the way...y im crazy for chocolate now??i also dont know y..its like mengidam...aduiii..daaaaaaa

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