Saturday, August 9, 2008


Tong Chiang Tong Chiang...Olympic has started and I watched the grand opening ceremony with my family in a restaurant which cost us rm788 for the wonderful delightful dinner...with little buddha jump over the wall,abalone,oyster,and shark fin soup...with still some others food...totally full and all of them are busy watching the opening ceremony while munching their food...but if u were to ask whether how was the opening ceremony in beijing...i would say it was a so so wan and does not leave the impact as the opening ceremony 4 years back in Athens...which i think was much more superb and more entertaining while the chinese leave us with all those history and what makes it more gempak was the fireworks la...anyway...i would like to wish all the olympic athletes all the best in this game and especially to my country,MALAYSIA...go go go...bring one a gold medal and u become jutawan..hehehe...08.08.08 leaves me a one million sweet

Go Go Go Malaysia..Malaysia Boleh...DO mengucapkan selamat bertanding di Beijing...Ingat Bawak Balik pingat tau...

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