Tuesday, August 19, 2008

@~Moonlight Resonance~@

Recently I have been super addicted with this TVB drama...Moonlight Resonance...I have been amazed with the idea and the storyline since the first episode...very family oriented and the reality of life..Moolight Resonance is all about a big family of 'Hor Ma' who running the mooncake business with some traditional chinese cookies...have 6 children which one of them was adopted...

All one big family that has up and down...which i think best potraying the real life

Here are some details about the character in this superb drama

'Hor Ma' ...soft spoken mum with a kind heart that cares for her children..Her acting was superb...can make me tears out...FAMILY comes first in her life..always be the one trying to make her family happy as she can..she is good in her GET{she is so niceeee-reminds me of mother Teresa..gitu plakk}
'Jo Pa' ...stupid unreliable queen control powerless father that marry another woman and left the family...{if see him around plz throw telur busuk}
Super Bitch...she is the one who seduced Jo Pa...and makes the happy family break...cannot see people happy and senang...I wonder if there is still human like this super bitch..I think there is...{she is just as the same level as monkey..brainless}
Grandma...old but kejam...she dont know to tolerate and keep on blaming Hor Ma all the time...She wants all of hers grandchildren with her all the time..fruitcake thinking..no need work aa...who want to support them after u die?Chi Sin...
Ah Heng...she is mute..she cant talk...but she can talk through her heart...{she is so cute and beautiful ^_^}

Ah Sa...arghhh...she is another bitch...Hor Ma's sister that never understand the truth meaning of family...she is damn materialistic...{feel like wan to enter into the screen and slap her}
Adopted daughter of Hor Ma..name Ah Yuet...always protective and sometimes act without thinking the consequneces{she is cute also..but ah heng is cuter ^_^}
Gon Ga Jai...the son that i think we should learn from him...being very responsible to this broken family and he stays with Hor Ma...{I admire his acting skills and learn the best from him as being a responsible son}

Yu So Chow...daughter of the super bitch...but she is totally different from her mother..she is a kind hearted doctor and she always feel bad to Hor Ma because she thinks that her super bitch mother spoilt Hor Ma's happy family last time...{she is one of my fav TVB actress very tall and pretty}

Currenlty I have watched till 13th episodes...it is one of the best TVB drama i have watched...Psst...Mooncake festival is just around the corner..anyone to join me on this lovely romantic day??Or i might just celebrate it with some tanglung hanging and eat some super sweet mooncake...-___-!!!Daaa~~~~

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